Frequent questions

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Frequent questions

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What is the entrance fee to Los Roques National Park?

The entrance to Los Roques National Park is subject to change and is not inherent to the control of the airline.

Domestic passengers: $ 10
Foreign passengers: $ 70

How is the purchase of a ticket for an infant (0 to 23 months old)?

In AEROCARIBE newborn babies between 0 to 7 days old are not accepted. You can travel with an infant (8 days to 23 months) with a confirmed reservation at the rate of one infant per Adult. Infants must ride on the lap of the parent or guardian. Infant seats are not allowed on board the plane.

What is the E-Ticket or Virtual Ticket?

AEROCARIBE is an airline that uses the e-Ticket or Virtual Ticket system. That is, it does not require a regular ticket office. Due to this, it is essential that the passenger present some type of photo identification (identity card or passport) when checking in at our counters.

When buying a Virtual Ticket of AEROCARIBE , the system automatically sends an email to the passenger, which contains the following information: Itinerary, Amount Paid, Form of Payment used and Number Confirmed Locator. This document is the receipt of payment and is not required to board our flights, it is enough for the passenger to identify himself positively to our traffic staff to later receive his boarding pass.


Am I going to travel with my baby, can I carry special luggage?

Yes, Baggage allowed for infants from 0 to 2 years old, one (1) diaper bag and umbrella type car. Applies for national and international flights.

How do I book in AEROCARIBE ?
  • 1. Contact us at Customer Service:
         o Phone: +58 (212) 959.96.10 / 05.04 / 90.96
         o Whatsapp: +58 (416) 623.74.84
  • 2. Confirm your availability and send all the necessary requirements requested by AEROCARIBE to make your quote.
  • 3. Make the payment of your reservation.
  • 4. Receive your e ticket
  • 5. Fill out the Passenger Location Form (FLP) with 24 hrs in advance to our email

Should I get a COVID-19 screening test to travel to Los Roques?

Yes, remember that currently in order to travel, you must take the test for the detection of COVID-19 and present the negative result at the airport and upon arrival at your destination.

According to GOE 107, it is indicated that the tourist must carry out previously and mandatory in a period of no more than 72 hours, a PCR test for the diagnosis of the COVID-19 virus, presenting the certification of the negative result endorsed by public institutions or private authorized by the national executive.

What are the data that I must send to request my reservation?
  •  Scan identity documents. (C.I / Passport / Birth Certificate in case of infants.)
  •  Personal contact of c / passenger (preferably cell phone)
  •  Passenger email
  •  Contact in case of emergency of c / passenger
  •  Name of the inn where the passenger will be staying
  •  Fill out the Personal Location Form (FLP) to be able to travel.

Can I pay for my reservation via Zelle?

Yes. Through the email

What are the payment methods AEROCARIBE ?

You can do them in American currency through the following electronic channels:

  • Bank of America

  • Zelle

  • Paypal (Remember that this platform generates a commission, therefore, we recommend that you validate the amount previously through the Paypal calculator, in this way you can send your correct payment and we receive the exact amount)

  • For payments in Venezuelan Currency, you can make it through Banesco Banco Universal.

Do you offer lodging?

We can only offer you the best commercial air service to fly to Los Roques and charter to other destinations, however, we have the best relationships with the inns in the Los Roques destination and with national travel agencies. Therefore, when you buy your package, request that your air tickets be with AEROCARIBE .

Where can I send my CV?

The personnel recruitment process is adjusted to the needs of the market; For this reason, our Human Talent team is attentive to the constant evaluation of human capital.

If you want to apply, you just have to send your curriculum synthesis to

What is the contact number to book airline tickets?

In our Customer Service Department we are attentive to your requests through the following contacts:

What are the goods that are allowed as hand luggage and / or inside the passenger's luggage?

We invite you to review the list of Prohibited Items and Dangerous Goods through this link .

Can a minor from 07 to 18 years old travel unaccompanied in AEROCARIBE ?

AEROCARIBE will allow minors between 07 and 18 years old to travel without a companion. In this case, it is required to comply with the provisions of the Organic Law for the Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents, including travel permits issued by the corresponding authorities. Our staff will deliver the minor to their parents, guardians or authorized person, in the offices of AEROCARIBE of the airport of the destination town.

How long before must the passenger show up at the AEROCARIBE counter for their check-in / check-in?

The passenger must show up at least two (2) hours before the departure of his flight in the case of domestic flights and three (3) hours in the case of international flights. After this period of time, the Airline reserves the right to have that quota.

What is the procedure for Refund Requests?
  • Refunds for tickets purchased through a travel agency must be processed directly with the intermediary agency.

  • Requests for tickets purchased through the AEROCARIBE counter must be requested by the passenger through

It is important to remember that within the purchase conditions of our tickets, it is indicated that they are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Also, we inform you that within the General Conditions for Air Transport according to G.O.E. N ° 6228, carriers or air operators are exempted from any assistance and compensation for cancellation of flights generated by acts of God or force majeure.

What happens if I don't show up on the day of the flight?

In case of no-show on the day of the flight and it is NO SHOW, according to the conditions and restrictions of your ticket, you can use it in a period of no more than 180 days, paying a penalty plus the difference in fare (if applicable ).

What happens if I need to change the flight date and I have already paid for my ticket?

If you want to make a date change after having paid for your ticket, you will have to pay an additional penalty, plus fare difference (if applicable).

How long do I have to pay for my tickets?

Once the Customer Service Department has sent you the confirmed reservation, it has a payment limit of only 06 hours, please make the payment before the established time otherwise your reservation will be canceled.

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